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Station Verte de Vacances

The town of Montreuil-sur-Mer is the only ‘Station Verte de Vacances’ (vacation rural resort) labelled in the area ‘le Pas-de-Calais’. 



What is the ‘Station Verte’?

Whether located in a rural setting, in the mountain, near coasts or overseas, a ‘Station Verte’ is a touristic destination for leisure and holidays, nationally recognized as an organized resort offering services given by the nature environment:

- Respected and preserved nature.

- A variety of stays you can decline according to your desires.

- Places and activities to discover and share.

- An entrance door to local.


A ‘Station verte’ is:

- A village offering a permanent and organized suggestion of leisure offers.

- A destination respectful of the environment.

- A village possessing a tourist office to welcome and inform visitors.

- 200 beds in every kind of accommodation.

- Services, shops, play areas, maintained and flowery spaces.

- Leisure facilities (swimming, plays, sports, walks).

- Spaces to discover the nature, different visits and products to taste.