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Alexandre Gauthier

In 2003 he took over the Grenouillère, the family business. 12 years and a Michelin star later, Alexandre Gauthier tells us his story... and his special relationship with  the Montreuil area.


He could have pursued a career in the best Parisian restaurants. But Alexandre Gauthier chose Montreuil-sur-Mer to establish his project. “It’s my town, my region. Where the lifestyle is good. I believe in this region and I prove it be staying here.” When he received his star in 2008, Alexandre’s first thoughts were for his team and his father. Because the Grenouillère is more than a business. It is the history of a family...and a great human adventure. “I couldn’t live without all this greenery, this light, without these men and women by my side.” Deep roots and a contemporary spirit, the chef has put his stamp on the Grenouillère. “A restaurant in its time and in its era... young, inspired, and dynamic, it attracts energy from around the world.”

What about the cuisine? “My cuisine is a photograph of an instant, of a season, of a physical, moral and mental territory...the Côte d’Opale, and thus Montreuil and the Vallées.  Everything around me inspires me.” Apparently the Côte d’Opale will continue to attract the most demanding of palates…