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Arnaud Macrez et Benjamin Pottier

Arnaud Macrez and Benjamin Pottier took on a challenge and decided to return Au Bon Accueil to its former glory. A challenge they have met with flying colours!


From Montcavrel, Arnaud is a talented chef who earned his stripes in the kitchens of the Auberge du Dun, a prestigious Michelin-starred restaurant in Normandy. 

In 1997 he met Benjamin, a maître d'hôtel. They decided to become partners.

Two months of renovations and three years of high praise by word of mouth, ABA is now riding the tide of success...without making any waves. 

Local, fresh and seasonal produce, 100% home-made dishes and a warm welcome: without a doubt, the name - Au Bon Accueil - suits it perfectly!


Did you know?

Arnaud Macrez is a member of the Association Française des Maîtres Restaurateurs. This title, awarded by the State, recognises qualified professionals based on over thirty criteria (certified home-made cuisine, fresh products, quality of service, etc.).