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Dominique Gall

Dominique Gall copies to perfection the treasures of nature inside his workshop located in ‘la rue du Clape-en-Bas’. The animal painter nicely illustrated our file ‘The Valleys follow the River’s Current’. We met him.

Dominique Gall is a dreamer. Since his childhood, he’s crazy about drawing: ‘The only thing that really interested me’. After 2 years of art college studies in Cambrai and 3 years in Reims, he also specializes in illustrations and advertising. His artistic skill: watercolour and crayons on paper, oil and acrylic paints. An incredible and delicate skill in collaboration with publishing houses, magazines… In love with nature, painting animals has always been obvious to his mind. ‘I really enjoy to walk along the marshes, watch the birds, and speak to the nature…’ This passion has even become a fight: ‘I support several associations for animals…' In 2016, Dominique Gall will set up the ‘Festival d’Art Animalier’ in Montreuil on the theme ‘Native America Fauna and Culture’.

Dominique Gall, 7 rue du Clape-en-Bas – open every day (except business travel) 10:30-0:30pm / 3:00-7:00pm (6:00pm from mid-June to end of August). Free demo.