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Advice for a responsible tourism

Do you want to reconcile tourism with respectful everyday gestures for 100% responsible holidays? We suggest you some advice and useful information.


Se déplacer en douceur

  • The town of Montreuil-sur-Mer has different common transport lines (bus or train) to focus on for your travels.
  • You can walk or cycle on marked paths just to respect nature. A guide including 16 trails is available at the tourist office. 


Take care of Environment and Heritage

  • During your walks, please don’t throw your waste in the nature: wait until you find a garbage. 
  • Don’t pick up natural elements as stones or plants.
  • On the rampart, you can easily note two different ways of managing green areas: follow the trails and don’t trample on the vegetation.
  • Having a dog: you can get poo-bags along the rampart to get rid of dog excrement.
  • If you want to fish in the rivers, please be informed of the terms: licence, dates, quantity of fish to be caught and minimal size. A guide is available at the tourist office or via internet, clicking on the link:


 Choose a hotel, a gite or a B&B…

  • Focus on accommodations and activity aware of the environment. 

  • Even on holiday, think of recycling waste and keep your respectful everyday gestures: switch off the lights, don’t waste water, take a shower, turn down the heat, don’t leave the appliances on stand-by, etc.
  • In the hotel, don’t wash your towels every day.


Local products

  • You can contribute to local ‘savoir-faire’ in buying seasonal and regional goods on markets for example.